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Frequently asked questions

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Q.   What is ARROW?

A.   ARROW is a sophisticated end-user software application that provides the user with various functions to manage all aspects of securities clearing and settlement activity.

Q.   How Does ARROW work?

A.   ARROW communicates with the depository using real-time messaging. All of your depository activity is replicated in a local database in your office.

Q.   Does ARROW replace my use of the depository's dumb terminal screens?

A.   Yes. Almost all depository activity can be processed using ARROW.

Q.   How does Paramax help us in the implementation of ARROW?

A.   We will help you configure your server, install ARROW, set up the messaging with the depository and train your users.

Q.   What do I need to provide for ARROW?

A.   You will need a server to host the ARROW database and run the ARROW server applications.

Q.   Can I input trades, update trades and inquire on trades using ARROW?

A.   Yes. You can perform all trade clearing and settlement activity through ARROW.

Q.   Can I make historical inquiries through ARROW?

A.   Yes. ARROW maintains as much historical data as you decide to keep. For example, you could inquire on a trade that settled 12 months ago or you could look up what your ledger position in a given security was a year ago.

Q.   Can I custom design my own reports in ARROW?

A.   Yes.

Q.   Can an ARROW user customize their display?

A.   Yes. Each ARROW user can design their screen layout according to their own priorities and job functions.

Q.   Can I feed trades from my trading systems through ARROW to the depository?

A.   Yes. ARROW has a real time interface to the depository. Depending upon your requirements some custom development may be required to link your trading system to ARROW.

Q.   Can I use data from ARROW to update my back-office accounting system or other service provider?

A.   Yes. ARROW has a record of all of your settlement activity. Depending upon your requirements, some custom development may be required to send this data to other systems.

Q.   Can ARROW be configured to automatically split trades or match/confirm trades?

A.   Yes. ARROW has user functions that assist on-line users with splitting trades, bulking-up trades and crosses. ARROW custom interfaces use “business rules” to automatically determine which trades need to be split and which trades can be matched/confirmed.

Q.   Do I need a dedicated network link to the depository to use ARROW?

A.   No. ARROW uses your existing depository link(s).

Q.   How do I find out more about ARROW?

A.   Contact Paramax Solutions Inc.