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Arrow software

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What is ARROW?

ARROW is a complete interface package for your clearing, settlement and depository activity. ARROW is:

  • A real-time, STP interface to and from the depository.
  • A local database that contains all of your clearing/settlement and depository activity.
  • A trade management bridge between in-house systems and the depository.
  • An exception-processing tool.
  • A sophisticated end-user application that provides the user with various functions to manage all aspects of securities clearing and settlement activity.

The end-users of ARROW enjoy a Graphical User Interface (GUI) instead of old style “dumb terminals”. ARROW provides powerful inquiry and update capabilities as well data extraction and upload functions. The reporting tools can be customized and deliver real-time reports. ARROW functions include:

  • Trade (non-exchange) Manager
  • Exchange Trade Manager
  • Ledger Manager
  • Ledger Activity Inquiries
  • Cash Inquiries
  • CNS Positions Inquiry
  • Entitlement Payment Manager
  • Pledge Manager
  • Inter-Account Movement Manager
  • Historical Inquiries
  • Ledger Activity Inquiries
  • Optional Functions:
    • Archive Trade Manager
    • ARROWLite
    • Entitlement Event Data Inquiry

For more about ARROW, view Overview of Arrow Functions